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Robert Fones

Né à London (Ontario) en 1949,
Robert habite et travaille à Toronto.

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Fones, Robert. "The Blank-Faced People of Iden Moor." 20 Cents Magazine 3.1-2 (1969)
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Fones, Robert and Vic d'Or. "Super Bart: Chapter Five." Proof Only 1.5 (1974): 3.
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[January 19 - February 25, 1990]
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Fones, Robert. "Field Identification." Northward Journal 52-53 (1990): 15-25.
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Fones, Robert. "Colour and Technique in the Work of Joanne Tod, Greg Curnoe and Jaan Poldaas." C Magazine 38.Summer (1993)
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Fones, Robert. "Local Colour." C Magazine Summer 1993
Fones, Robert. "Stay, Sit, Heel: Tom Dean's Sculptural Canon." C Magazine Spring 1993
Fones, Robert. "Tom Dean's Sculptural Canon." C Magazine 37.Spring (1993)
[Art Gallery of York University, November-December 1992]
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Fones, Robert. "Comments on the Historiated Letters." Robert Fones, Historiated Letters Vancouver: Presentation House Gallery, 1994
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Fones, Robert. "Hand Tools." 1998
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Fones, Robert. "Hand Tools." Murray Favro London: London Regional Art and Historical Museums/Mackintosh Gallery, 1999
Fones, Robert. "A Visit to Stonyground." Toronto: The Horticultural Societies of Parkdale & Toronto, September 2001
Fones, Robert. "Re-viewed: Robert Fones on his work." Toronto: Art Gallery of Ontario, September 2002
Fones, Robert. "Repairing the Moon." Brick Winter 2002
Fones, Robert. "Crossed Lines: New Territories of Design." Azure November/December 2004
Fones, Robert. "Sign Language." Canadian Art Fall 2004
Fones, Robert. "Erratics Train." Eye of Nature Banff, Alberta: Walter Phillips Gallery, : 89-102.
[Daina Augaitis, Helga Pakassar]
Fones, Robert. "When Form Becomes Content: Remarks on Three Works by Greg Curnoe." M5V Magazine 1.1
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