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Peter Culley

Peter habite et travaille à Nanaimo (Colombie-Britannique).

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Catalogue Essai
 Culley, Peter. "Because I am Always Talking: Reading Vancouver into the Western Front." Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp, 1993
[from Whispered Art History: 20 Years at The Western Front]
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 Culley, Peter. "The Mnemosyne Atlas of Geoffrey Farmer." Vancouver: Contemporary Art Gallery, 2003
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 Culley, Peter. "Roy Arden's Fragments: A Poem Containing History." Oakville: Oakville Gallery,
from the catalogue
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 Culley, Peter. "A Folder [Jerry Pethick]." Jerry Pethick: Drawing/room Kamloops: Kamloops Art Gallery, 1999
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 Culley, Peter. "Two Works by Stan Douglas." Vanguard 16.4.October (1987)
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 Culley, Peter. "Shelagh Keeley." Vanguard 15.4.September (1986)
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