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Gordon Lebredt

Gordon est né à Winnipeg (Manitoba) en 1948.
Il meurt à Toronto (Ontario), le 26 février 2011.

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Artist Déclaration
 Lebredt, Gordon. "Working title: Between Event and Institution." 1999
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 Lebredt, Gordon. "Excorporation(s), states of preservation, points of becoming: movement and indetermination in the work of Sally Späth." 2003
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 Lebredt, Gordon. "From whichever end one takes in: Nestor Krüger’s theatre of the analogue."
(Some preliminary thoughts on Analog: three cameras through a model of Haus Wittgenstein.)
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 Lebredt, Gordon. "Some Preliminary Comments Concerning an Exhibition Titled Milieu: of the order of presentation."
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 Lebredt, Gordon. "View from the Gallery Window: the “pretended form”—a clear case of exclusion?."
[unpublished 1982]
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 Lebredt, Gordon. "With respect to an open letter." 2002
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 Lebredt, Gordon. "Overruns: Garry Neill Kennedy's Fast, Free & Easy: a story of colour." 2003
[September 5-October 18, 2003, goodwater, Toronto]
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 Lebredt, Gordon. "Some Bad Timing 2: Yam Lau's 'landscape as dis-location 1." 2008
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 Lebredt, Gordon. "Arlene Stamp: Red Works." M5V Magazine 1.1
[Fleck Clerestory Gallery, The Power Plant]
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 Lebredt, Gordon. "Forcing Pleasure (and the excess of vision): mourning ‘place’—Ron Martin’s All in Ones."
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 Lebredt, Gordon. "On The Secret Life of Objects ." unpublished
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 Lebredt, Gordon. "Visitations: image, figure, and the other side of the phenomenon."
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Oeuvre d'art
Gordon est également artiste.
Vous pouvez regarder ses œuvres à la page Profil de l'artiste.

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