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 Tousley, Nancy. "John Clark: 1943 - 1989." Canadian Art 6.4.December (1989)
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 Tousley, Nancy. "True Grit: Susan Whitney pioneers the U.S. art market from her home base in Regina." Canadian Art 11.2.June (1994)
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 Tousley, Nancy. "Ivan Eyre." artscanada 232/233.December 1979/January 1980 (1979)
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 Tousley, Nancy. "Sydney Drum." artscanada 226/227.June (1979)
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 Tousley, Nancy. "The Banff Purchase." Vanguard 8.8.October (1979)
[Photographers Robert Bourdeau, Lynne Cohen, Charles Gagnon, Tom Gibson, David McMillan, Nina Raginsky and Orest Semchishen]
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 Tousley, Nancy. "Chris Cran." Vanguard 15.4.September (1986)
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 Tousley, Nancy. "Fictive Space: Judith Schwartz and Arlene Stamp." Canadian Art 11.2.June (1994)
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